Lightweight Composite Bundle


Lightweight Composite Bundle


To purchase a Lightweight Composite Bundle, please click on the "Ask for Quote" button and fill out the name, contact email, and comment sections. Once submitted, we will contact you to ask which options you want included in your bundle. A quote will then be provided.

The Lightweight Composite Bundle contains everything you need to print structurally optimized composite parts with a Mark One printer! These composite parts are perfectly functional in end-use products, and can drastically reduce the weight of a part. The included products give you complete control over the entire additive manufacturing process. The bundle contains:

Solidthinking: Evolve - CAD platform for creating your designs. Specialized features allow for creation of organic shapes perfectly suited for 3D printing. This is the best CAD program for recreating optimized structures from Inspire. Software is available as a single-user or network license. For more details, see Evolve software page.


Netfabb Professional -  Netfabb is useful for preparing files for printing. Files may be imported, repaired, and exported in desirable file types such as STL or AMF. The repair functions are very powerful and can save countless headaches in fixing corrupted files. Software is available as professional package (single user) or enterpirise (multiple licenses/machines). Many additional add-ons are available that allow for optimized packing, support structures, and lattice structure engineering. For more details, see Netfabb software page.


Mark One Printer - Advanced printer capable of printing fiber-reinforced parts. Includes access to Eiger, Markforge's custom slicing software for composite printing. See the Markforged printer page for more information.

Mark One Material-The Mark One Printer can print in nylon, Kevlar, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Included amounts of material are:

- 2000 cc ONYX
- 2000 cc Nylon
- 300 cc Fiberglass
- 200 cc Carbon Fiber
- 300 cc Kevlarr

 "Cc" refers to cubic centimeter of build volume. The quantities and selection of material included in the bundle are adjustable upon request. All of these materials are available on our Composite Material page. These quantities represent the minimal amount of material that can be bundled. Additional material may be requested.

Service Subscription- The Fusion Formatics Service Subscription provides phone support for hardware questions, as well as numerous discounts on accessories, materials, and engineering services. Subscription term is one year. Subscription must be renewed thereafter. Please see Service Subscription product page for more information.


Accessories - Two additional print beds, Continuous Filament Fabrication (CFF™) nozzles and 5 Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) nozzles will be included with your order. These parts are replacement parts and do not change the performance of the printer. Again, these quantities are the minimum quantities that can be bundled. Additional accessories may be requested.