After optimizing the design we can fabricate the part with one of our five FDM printers. If it is a small part with fine details we could use the Zortrax M200 printer with one of the Zortrax materials. If it is a structural part requiring strength and stability we would use the Markforged Mark 2 printer and print in Onyx reinforced with carbon fiber, Kevlar or fiberglass. A high quality part not requiring strength of reinforced fiber could be printed on the German RepRap 350 or an Airwolf HDR in a variety of plastic materials. And a large part, up to 1000mm (X) x 800mm (Y) x 600mm (Z) would be printed on the German RepRap X1000 printer in PLA, PETG or ABS. A metal part, optimized for weight, strength and function, would be contracted out to our German partner that uses the latest technology in metal printers. The secret to getting perfect parts is the combination of design optimization and the right printer for the job.

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